Stop calendar sync downloading into eM Cient via an Imap account.  Is it possible to stop the syncing of calendar and contacts?  I know most people want this but I don’t and it just slows the whole process down.  Thanks.

This was a query on behalf of my wife who was thinking of using and eM C for her business.  She has gone with eM C but ditched (nightmare) so notwithstanding the lack of response - this is now sorted!

Hi Simon,
I am very sorry that this post was overlooked. If a Microsoft account is set up manually as an IMAP it will not sync Calendars and Contacts at the moment either way (AirSync used to do this, but it is being discontinued by Microsoft). Thank you for letting us know that the issue is sorted.


Thanks Olivia, good news is that my wife is very happy with eMC!