Stop automatically opening messages

How do I stop eM Client from automatically opening the next message in sequence when I close the window for the current message? I want to decide what to open.

We changed this behaviour because lot of customers requested it, but we plan to add an option so you can decide what action should be done after you delete a message.

OK, giving the customers the option is good. The lesson here seems to be that not everyone will agree on what constitutes an “improvement” in features, but allowing people to customize appearance and behaviour to their preferences will always be appreciated (or usually, anyway). Thanks for your reply.

has this issue been resolved yet? I wish to turn auto advancing off.

Hi, any update on this feature?


I also want to stop auto open of the next message.  Have you included this function into the latest EM Client version?  So yes, can you please provide directions on how to configure this option?

I understand each person would have their own personal preference to enable vs disable the auto open next message … but understand for people who don’t want messages to be auto opened … they experience dis-satisfaction with EM Client multiples times each day.

I am an IT Consultant who is currently tasked with creating a Standard Desktop environment for 18,000 users who DON’T want to use Office 365.  Like many people, I love EM Client, but after using the product for 8 days, I’m very frustrated with email auto opening.

How do I possible recommend EM Client to a large user base knowing that 50% of users are going to be frustrated … I can’t.  So I’m forced to review email client apps from your competitors.

Hopefully someone in Product Management or Development at EM Client will read these messages, and take ownership.  It’s such an easy feature to include in the configuration settings !!!