Stolen laptop and emclient security

Hi. After a recent scare, I am tightening up all my security. I have a question about if my laptop (windows 10 and running emclient) is stolen.
I have password protection set, so each time I startup Emclient, it asks me for my password. Then obviously is accesses my email account using the email password.
So if my laptop was stolen, I would change my email password immediately.

  1. Can I also remotely change the password to the emclient application? I presume not.
  2. Hopefully, due to the emclient password, they won’t be able to open the email, unless they are serious about getting in. But, can they still access my saved emails on the drive i.e. they are stored in the appdate / roaming / emclient.
  3. For this reason, should I ensure emails are not backed up on the computer?
    Thank you for any help on this.
  1. No.

  2. The database is stored in that location, and if you have set it, it will require the password to open. But the startup password is just a very low level hinderance to opening the database, so not really a security feature. It does not encrypt the database. It is quite easy to bypass by deleting a few files.

  3. Well, the backup will also have the startup password once it is restored on a device, but again, it is quite easy to bypass.

Brilliant, thank you. So is there a way, similar to a cloud storage, to only have the emails titles stored and emclient hasn’t downloaded any of the emails? If one wants to read an email, then one must be connected to the web. Then that way, if the laptop was stolen, all one would need to do is change the email server account password and they wouldn’t be able to access any of the emails (the emails wouldn’t be saved on the hard drive of the laptop).

I get I am basically just describing accessing your email via a website, but a love the setup of Emclient and ease of use.