Still receiving emails on other devices when received on eMClient

Hi I have installed eMClient on a new laptop. Once I receive emails on it, they are still appearing on the old computer and my tablet etc.
What setting do I need to change for the emails to not still be available on other devices when already received?

You need to disconnect the other devices from that email account. Otherwise assuming all three devices are using IMAP, they will have a synced copy of your email account. 

Thanks for your quick reply, but I don’t think you understand what I’m asking.
On my old computer, running Outlook, once received on it, the emails were not available on my phone, tablet etc.
On eMClient, once received, the emails are still appearing on my mobile, tablet etc.
Any other ideas?


Most likely MS Outlook is setup as POP3 and set to delete messages from the server after download. eM Client is setup as IMAP, which simply provides a copy of what is on the server. Your phone and tablet are probably the same so what you have on them will also mirror what is on the server.

To setup your email account as POP3 in eM Client, please see the Help File (F1).

[Getting Started > Create New Account.](| _____ 3 “Link httpwwwemclientcomwebdocumentationen70eMClientDefaulthtmAccountsCreate20New20Accounthtm3FTocPath3DGetting2520Started7C_____3”)

OK, thanks for that, I’ll give it a try!