Still no fix for Google Calendar?

When can we expect Google Calendar to work with emclient? It used to work, but with the update, it’s now dead as a door nail.

Please, we really need this to work. It’s urgent!


please download the latest version of eM Client and let me know, if the problem disappears.…

Thanks. A question – it wasn’t working two days ago. Is this a newer version, released in the last few days?

I just downloaded the setup.msi again. Google Calendar still not syncing.

Until this can be fixed, please, can I somehow turn off the annoying notifications that tell me the calendar is not syncing??? I already know that!!!


what error message are you getting?

I have had the same problem for a while now. It’s strange because my Google birthdays and anniversary calendar syncs ok, but not my event calendar.
I’ve gone into accounts then tools and disabled the calendar sync until they get a fix.

To garcher.pz:
did you get any error messages? We really need a bit more information in order to resolve this issue.

Sigh. Already removed emclient. Don’t recall the error message, just a lot of frustration. I’ve reinstalled my Linux system, so I can’t go back and see what’s happening. Sorry.