Still missing a Delete-Icon in Views


Still missing the “X” to delete Mails directly in Inbox. For cleaning up it is so convenient.
All common Mail-Apps (Outlook, IceWarp, GMAIL, GMX…) know this feature.
Except eM Client !
Why do you not adding this simple feature ?
Needing a right click and finding “delete” somewhere of the property box is an old hat


These that you have mentioned are web interfaces, right? eM Client is not a web interface, it is a desktop application like MS Outlook and Thunderbird, neither of which have this feature. I haven’t used MS Outlook in years, so maybe I am wrong, but Thunderbird certainly doesn’t.

This is from Outlook 2016 Desktop App :


" I haven’t used MS Outlook in years " this is wrong. You should know what people like in other tools.

I’m also not an Outlook user. But at least I listen to them…

I am not really that interested in what others like. I am not a developer, so nothing wrong with that.

By the way, I use Evolution a whole lot more than I do eM Client. Do you know much about that application? It has features that you don’t see in most other desktop applications.

Someone just sent me a message to say that Thunderbird does have this as well. :blush:

I guess I missed that, after all those years I didn’t notice it. Just goes to show how unobservant I really am.

Oh, and did you know that the IceWarp Desktop client is really a rebranded eM Client? :wink:

Yes I know that.
“Unfortunately” IceWarp’s weblient is in many points much better then the Desktop Client…

This is the point I was unsuccessfully making earlier; web interfaces and desktop clients are not the same thing. Personally I don’t think it is fair to compare them.

I personally don’t see the need to have an X at the end of the subject as there is already 3 ways to delete emails in EM Client. Del icon on the toolbar, Right click Del on the subject & Del key on your keyboard.

(Re Gmail X to delete)
I see there is a “Bin” icon along the very top of each Gmail subject separate from the Bin icon along the toolbar at the top of Gmail. My bro who is a programmer and gets heaps of emails everyday reckons it would still be a good idea to have a similiar thing in EMC on the Subject too and agrees with @paul.maechler that the X is a (good feature) to add to EM Client as he says its faster to delete emails directly when you are going down the subjects than using the del icon along the top toolbar.