Still getting this error: An error occurred - [CalDav] Subfolder sync "outbox" failed... Not found

Installed new release today and I am still getting the above error.

Same her… Subfolder sync “outbox” failed

Email-Provider:, Germany

Me too. I posted a question about it 2 days ago:
with no reply. Today got a message that I’d had 3 days of log notifications that might be slowing down my system and did I want to shut them down.

Same error

Use “eM Client 7.1 Beta 2”

same problem since months now … really annoying.

Another update arrived this morning 7.0.30068.0 Still the same CalDAV error.

Use “eM Client 7.1 Beta 2”

I’m new to eM Client, version 7.0.30068.0 and I’ve been getting this CalDAV error since I configured iCloud for Calendar and Contacts only. I always get it when starting up eM and then only occasionally after that.

Are Betas available to free users? Where’s the download link?

Found it on the Blog page.

Installed the 7.1 beta, (7.1.30115.0) and I don’t see the error anymore.