I have a BT Yahoo e-mail account and am having difficulty getting new messages to download into eM Client. ( ‘Sent’ emails seem to go out immediately) This is following the purchase of a new laptop running Windows 10 and previously using Windows Live Mail which no longer works with Windows 10. ( The sales person checked on-line and came up with eM Client as an alternative ) I have checked with BT but it seems that the settings are ok. I have noticed that a) under Operations - Diagnostics IMAP & SMTP have 'unknown ’ against them until I click on ‘Diagnose’ and then a green tick appears against both and b) I have the Operations screen showing and it usually gets stuck on (IMAP) To folder and then buffers endlessly. I have been in to the on-line account and deleted a lot from the in-box. sents and trash to try and cut down what it is trying to download. ( I’m sure Windows Live Mail only downloaded new items in the in-box ?) Can anyone help ? This has been going on for a couple of weeks and it is driving me mad !