Stay in the current folder / view

I’ve had issues for years with Postbox and Thunderbird, both have the same issue where they freeze for multiple minutes when I try to open the app after it has stayed in background for a long time. Luckily eM Client doesn’t have this issue, I’m very happy about that.

However, one thing which is really annoying for me is that I always keep emClient opened in Inboxes \ [email protected], then hide the window or put it in background but when I receive new emails and click on eM Client it automatically switches to [email protected] \ Inbox instead of where I was. I always have to switch back to Inboxes \ [email protected] and collapse the details under my email address, I really wish that eM Client could remember where the focus was and just stay there.

Check out this setting and see if there is a drop down choice that may resolve your issue.

Thank you, it’s not exactly what I wanted but I can work with that. I selected to go to global unread and it’s already much better than before.