Status bar notifycation

I would like to have statusbar icon showing always.

Now when I open em Client icon disappear: 

When minimize (or close) it is OK.

To better understand. I open emClient first time. There is no icon on status bar. When minimize or close using X there is icon on statusbar. Then I open emClient using this icon. Em Client showing up, but icon disappear.

It is frustrating, that I have to look one time to the left on statusbar another to the right if emClient is running.

I would recommend to have icon all the time on the right windows status bar - next to clock.

if eM Client is open, it will show in the windows taskbar.
In the notification tray area on the right, which you circled, you usually only have notifications about new message when eM Client is not opened OR you can close/minimize the program to it if you have the setting enabled in Menu>Tools>Settings>General>General (Minimize application to Tray/Close application to Tray)
To have the program show in notification tray when it’s open is not possible.

Thank you for your feedback though, our developers go through the idea threads when considering new improvements so they might reconsider.

Thank You for Your assist.

I think we misunderstood. I would like to have icon next to clock all the time. It is possible for sure. Look CCleaner example:
![]( 2 inline.JPG?1488525666 “Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1560615/RackMultipart20170303-27126-1px0ls1-Przechwytywanie1__2__inlineJPG1488525666”)
It has icon all the time: opened/minimized