Standing still

Dear reader/eM user,

I’m using eM Client with a Windows 7 Pc. Ubtill now without any problems.
But the last days the software seems to hamper at the slidest task. Typing a simple text in an simple mail, makes te programm to stand still a number of times, before to ‘restart’.
In that time I’m looking at an circle, without the possibility to act.

When Í click on send the programm states in several pop-up text that it cann’t send an appendix with a lot of numbers. Even when I’m not sending anything, apart from the plain text.

So: a textcursor that stands still and strange pop-up problems by sending.

Although my mails seem to be delivered, this is not a welcome change.

If you have any idea how to get rid of this, I would be greatful.

With kind regards,
Michel F. van den Brun

It could be there is some corruption in your database.  Right-click on the inbox (or All Mail if a gmail account) of the account-- not the Smart Folders, click on the repair tab and then the repair button.