Standardkonto für Kontakte


ist es möglich einem Kontakt in eM einem Standard-Absenderkonto zuzuordnen?

Mailaccount 1: [email protected]
Mailaccount 2: [email protected]

Kontakt 1: [email protected]
Kontakt 2: [email protected]

Jede Mail an [email protected] soll immer vom Mailaccount 1 gesendet werden, auch wenn das nicht der Standardaccount ist oder Max an work gemailt hat.

Ist das möglich? Falls nicht, ist eine entsprechende Funktion geplant?

Ich habe in der Vergangenheit mit anderen Mailclients gearbeitet, da war das möglich. Es wurde einfach im entsprechenden Kontakt ein Standard-Absenderkonto eingetragen. Fertig.

Viele Grüße


I am sorry but my German is not that perfect to help you, can you write your issue/request again but in English please?


Hey Jan,

I will try :wink:

Is it possible to assign a default sender account to a contact?

Account 1: [email protected] (from)
Account 2: [email protected] (from)

Contakt 1: [email protected] (to)
Contakt 2: [email protected] (to)

Each mail to [email protected] should each time sent from account 1. Also when max sent a mail to account2 and I reply.

If it isn ́t possible is this function on the to-do list? :wink:

I have worked in the past with other mail clients, as that was possible. It was simply entered a default sender account in the corresponding contact.


Unfortunately this is not possible and even not planned, if there will be enough requests from more users then we will put this under consideration but with all respect you are first one user who requests this.

with regards