SSO (single sign on)???

Is it possible to use the windows logon for the accounts emclient too?
Our server use AD sync for users.

So in my opinion a check box for each account at the settings “use sso” or at least a check box “use logon from first account” or something like this.

Because we have 20+ shared calendars at our server and at thundebird I had the problem it was possible to use one password per server only, and at emClient I have to type in for each account the same logon data at all.

it’s not possible yet but we currently plan the support to the version 4.0 of eM Client.

OK, let’s wait… estimated at? (this year,early next year oder later)

We can give you only very approximate estimate - at the first quarter of next year but until then updates will be available.

It’s OK, so I can tell it to my colleagues and all are happy.