SQLite error

opening the computer and starting eMClient, it verified the database and I had the message error :
SQLite error SQL Logic error or missing database

I cannot close the program (I did so using Crtl+Alt+Esc for eMclient.exe and dbRepair.exe).

How can I solve the problem ?

I copied the data from my laptop and pasted them in my home computer and now it is ok.
But please tell me what happened. If I was not back from holidays I could not do this action.
Yesterday I opened eMClient on the home computer and it worked ok.
After, I defragged and renewed my antivirus Kasperski licence. I did nothing else.
I would like to understand.

Did you had eM Client open while defraging? If so, that was your problem.

When eM Client is running, its unpacks the SQLite database for quicker access. When eM Client closes, it repacks back to a single file for individual functions.

Thanks TNCS :slight_smile:
Yes eMClient was running while defraging.

No problem. Just want to confirm, was it a full defrag or was it on intelligent mode/real-time?

I don’t know what is a full defrag or intelligent mode/real time!
I use Defraggler of Piriform and just click on the button “start” :slight_smile:

Sound like a full defrag. I would expect such an error if it was a full.

Some more powerful defrag program such as Perfect Disk, has an ‘intelligent mode’, which reside as a process and runs in the background all the time. As soon as a file get written/move, it automatically get defraged on-the-fly. This saves the time of preform full defrag on regular basis. Its obvious has some draw backs though.

I’m not a professional and I think I don’t need to have defrag which runs in the background.
Professional users surely are aware that such a process could influence the eMClient program.