Split database storage

Similar to other requests, but maybe (hopefully) easier to implement?

First, I understand and accept the problems of storing the main database on network/cloud/USB. I don’t like them, but I accept them because pretty much every email client stores messages in some database form or another and has the same problem. For the record, I have previously used eM with the database stored on my server. It’s inconvenient for sure, but if you have the patience to wait for it to sync completely before shutting down your computer (and of course, don’t open it on another computer before that one syncs), it can be done. It would just be awesome if it didn’t need to be done.

Would it be possible, at least, to choose locations for main and archive db SEPARATELY? That one extra choice would allow for getting mail off the servers and in to archive in a way that makes it (a bit) easier to use on multiple computers, because we do have multiple computers. As a bonus, you might teach the program to react gently to a missing archive db, just in case you forget to plug in the flash drive where you decided to store it. I’ve overlooked non-archive local folders here because I don’t use them. Everything is either IMAP and on the provider’s server or it’s in archive, and I didn’t have to move anything manually. For me, the fewer places I have to look for things, the better.

I see a lot of responses on the similar topics saying “You don’t need this”. Some are obviously from other users, but some look to be “official” responses. That’s sad, because the inability or lack of desire to add a feature does not equate to a lack of need for said feature. What doesn’t seem to get addressed is that, although IMAP is a great thing, providers place limits on space, and that space tends to be shared with any other cloud storage they might also provide. If you use your Google drive as backup for your photos and documents, it can leave you with very little room for mail. So yes, we do NEED to get some messages moved to local storage, but we WANT access on our multiple computers, and we WANT to do it in a way that doesn’t involve constant backup/restore cycles or repeated db location changes. Personally, I didn’t buy 3 licenses so that I’d have to run home to my desktop to get at any mail that’s over a year old (the cutoff date for my auto-archive setting).

Much of this comes off sounding like a rant, and I’m sorry for that, but I had to address the fact that telling people that you know what they want and need better than they do themselves is not a great practice. Ok, it also might not have been the intent of those responses, but it does come across that way, just like what I’ve written here sounds a lot like a giant complaint even though that was not my intent.

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Lol, i came here to suggest something similar.

I need 2nd database to exclude it from backup. Since my database size is around 100gb, getting daily backup is pain. I would like to have seperate backup time interval for the different databases.

Or an incremental backup would be great.