SPF and DKIM key for Domain

I’m getting some error while sending mail…
Is there any SPF and DKIM key for em client which i need to setup?

And the “some error” is?
Version of eMC?
Your email host?
Have you tried completely disabling your VPN and anti-virus software?
The more info the better!

I’m using latest em client verison which is 8.2.1659.0

It’s Gsuite mail.

There is no VPN or Anti Virus Available.

Here is the error Screen Shot

Hope you got all answer

viernes 17 diciembre 2021 :: 0927hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @ygm.it

OK, so what did your Domain Administrator say?
What information did you obtain from support.google?
Can you send the particular email to the intended recipient using Webmail?

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