Spellcheck inadequacies

The Spellcheck is clunky. While it does check your spelling as you type, in Version 7 you have to correct each mistake one word at a time rather than hitting Spellcheck when you finish writing. My old program even allowed me to set for an automatic Spellcheck before an email was Sent. Great for picking up something missed. Could eM Client do a bit more work on Spellcheck please.

I stopped using it not long after switching it on. It was flagging correctly spelled words by finding fragments of words — and the fragments weren’t real words at all. So of course it marked them as spelled incorrectly. In other words, I’d see something like this:

These words are spelled correctly.

In that case, “wor”, “spelle”, and “corr” would be marked as mizspelt. :slight_smile:

Sometimes I’d switch on real-time spell-checking and find that all words in certain messages were flagged as misspellings. I hope I was on the ball enough to have taken a screen shot of that and submitted it as a bug report. Can’t remember now.

If I have a long message to check and if it doesn’t contain formatted text, I copy it to the clipboard, paste it into my text editor, and use the editor’s own accurate spell-checker. Bit of a hassle, but it works. I hope they fix this.

Thanks Mike. Let’s hope eM Client take note.

There have been enough posts and replies about it that I’ve seen over the last “x” months — I’m sure they’re aware of the problems.