Spell checker: Where is it stored (path)??

Hi there!
By mistake I added a new word with a…wrong spelling (!).
I therefore would like to know the precise location of the spell checker
(on my PC), so that I can remove now again this wrongly stored word…
Thanks very much in advance for any valid reply.

Hi, you’d have to go to your local folder > App Data > Roaming > eM Client and open the “en_US.custdic” (it might be a different name depends on what language of spell check you’re using) file and find and edit the word. You can open the file in notepad for example (recommended).

Please note that “App Data” is a hidden folder and for you to see it you have to go to View > Show hidden folders.\

Thank you, I hope this helps,

Thanks a lot for your most valid reply, dear Paul!
With best regards from Switzerland,

No problem, glad it works. If you have any more issues or questions, let us know.

Thank you,