Spell checker slows down text editing

Great application! But incredibly slow cursor movement in the plain text editing with the automatic spell cheking - time gap between a keystroke and visual response about one second (on a relatively wery fast computer!). After the speller had been turned off the apllication freezes for few seconds and do not responds on any keypress.

What version of eM Client do you use? Wait until the upcoming update is released and let me know if the problem persists. Thank you.

Version is 5.0.17263.0.

I think, the problem of “slow down” may be caused by wrong “language identification” - I use 4 different languages for emails (Russian, Ukrainian, English add Polish) and I have noticed that eM client by default try to use English dictionary for spelling - regrdless of current “keyboard language” selected.

Anyway, as for me the main problem is freezeng of the application for a few second when “Use automatic spell check” is being stopped.