Spell check is stupid; It doesn't recognize special text strings

The spell check function labels the special text strings mistakenly. See the following screen shots for the mis-placed wavy underline.

Yes, not all words are in the dictionary that is being used. eM Client has a really nifty feature though - you can add words to the dictionary and they will no longer be marked as misspelled. Simply right-click on the word and choose Add to dictionary.

You can even edit the dictionary file and add custom dictionaries from other applications, or specialized word lists that you might use in your work.

I posted it in hope that the developers can solve it. If we do everything on our own, why do we need this software?  There will be no improvement of this software forever. Your workout is not useful at all. There are tons of special special strings, how can I add them one by one?  MS outlook can identify special structure. e.g. a link, and then ignore the spell check.  Please do not reply if you cannot do something to improve the software.

You don’t have to add them one by one. You can take your complete dictionary from Outlook and add it to eM Client. Easy Peasy.