Speed up new folder creation?

I’m about to start importing several gigabytes of email from a POP3 client I’ve been using for the past 20 years (!) (Becky! 2). I have a relatively wide and deep folder structure with about 330 folders. I’ve tried exporting/importing via MBOX files, but it’s not handling the folder structure (I think the issue may be on Becky!'s end, as I’ve also tried multiple tools available to convert MBOX files to PST files). So I’m resigned to exporting a folder at a time of emails from Becky! to a bunch of EML files into a file system folder. I’ve already generated the file system folder structure manually, which is actually a fairly efficient process.

But now I need to generate 330 folders/subfolders in my IMAP mail storage (Microsoft Outlook account via GoDaddy). I was hoping there would be a hotkey combo for “New Folder”, but I’m not seeing one. And of course it would be important that after typing in the name of the new folder and hitting enter, the focus should return to the parent folder, or at least, hitting the hotkey again should create the new folder at the same level as the previously created folder. Preferably then hitting Enter a second time would “enter” the folder having focus, allowing me to then create subfolders there if needed.

Can this be done in any way with the current version of eM Client?


In eM Client, after creating the new folder, the focus is moved to that folder.

Can you not perhaps do it using the web interface for your email account?

Thanks for your quick response, Gary.

The web mail interface would work, but in fact I’m finding it fairly efficient to do using eM Client, as the mouse pointer remains in place over the parent folder, allowing me to simply right-click, hit the left mouse button that is already close to the “New folder…” menu selection, and start typing the new folder name. While I was hoping for a method to let me keep my hands on the keyboard, this is really not bad. I’m already about 60% through my 330 folders!

I think I’m going to go ahead and purchase eM Client, after having used it for a few days now. I especially like the filtering rules interface; I like to use filtering to automatically sort incoming mail into the folders, while the “unread mail” indicators alert me to which folders are containing new items that I need to respond to.

You did not say which version of eM Client you are using, but in the Release History you will find the version 8 beta which has a few new features although the folder creation is still exactly the same. :wink:

If you are not using that, maybe give it a go.