Specifying the server name for pop/imap/smtp; spaces in the name

So i was trying to setup a computer with emclient 5.0.17595.0 and ran into a terribly stupid problem.

I use gmail imap/smtp. i was copying the server names from a webpage and pasting them into the client. apparently, the SMTP name contained a space. When i kept trying to test the server, it kept erroring saying that the server couldn’t be contacted.

Not likely for the gmail smtp server. Finally, i clicked “fix” and it failed over and over and over and over and over because it was trying to use the server name i specified along with a trailing, inadvertent space.

Solution: By default, the software should quickly and easily ignore spaces at the end of URLS or at least throw an error saying “this cannot contain a space”. this is remedial programming at best. i never should have needed to waste ANY amount of time to troubleshoot this!!! bad coding!!!

Thank you for reporting this - we will try to fix it ASAP.