Special Folder issues

I don’t know if this is a problem or it’s a matter of working as intended:
To start I have folders that are at the same level as the Inbox, they are basically used as a filing cabinet. Also at this level are two special folders (more than that but for now talking about these two) Sent and Sent Messages. It appears that emails sent from the desktop (where eM is) get recorded in the Sent folder while emails sent from other devices and not using eM gets recorded in Sent Messages. Is there a way to get all sent messages to be recorded in 1 sent folder?

The folders such as Junk, Spam and Sent Messages are treated as other custom folders so they end up in the list of user created folders rather than with the other special folders. Is there a way to change this?

It may be that the Sent Messages folder was created by another application, and is not the default for your account. But in the IMAP settings for your account in eM Client you can specify different special folders.

Untick Automatically detect special folder names , and change Sent to Sent Messages. Your folder in eM Client will now have the contents of the online Sent Massages folder.

Afterwards, you may need to move any messages in the web client from Sent to Sent Messages , then delete the online Sent folder.

That’s a great answer and that is what I’ll do . What would I do to get the Junk and Spam folders out of the user defined folder list?

The same. Assign whichever special folder you want as Junk, and delete the other in your web interface.

Restarting eM Client should then remove any extra folders.

ok I think I got it … Thanks much!!