Spasmodic download of emails

This is my 1st posting and I am no tech genius.
I upgraded my PC 4 months ago and in the process was forced to move from Windows Live mail and was set up with eM Client. There were a lot of initial issues but I got them sorted.
I have 2 accounts - my main is a and I occasionally use a
For the last 3 months I have been on the road and working from my laptop.
To make life easier a friend set up my gmail to receive both email accounts- all good. Any sent emails are from the account
On my return I opened up eM Client expecting all my emails to be in the inbox and unread- but there was nothing. The eM Client only receives emails
As a trial I turned off my Kaspersky online mail wall- no change.
The techs were able to enable some emails to start flowing but it is only a fraction of what I am seeing in my gmail account.
Yesterday 8 emails showed in my eM client inbox- including trash and junk while there were 30 in my gmail. It seems random as emails from the same people may sometimes show in my eM Client inbox. Also I know that some sent emails from eM Client are not being delivered.

So at this stage I am considering deleting eM Client completely and working from the gmail a/c unless there is a reasonable solution- it surely isn’t meant to be this hard.
PS there have been no error readings in the operations tab

eM Client works perfectly with a Gmail and Bigpond account. I use both no problems.

Sounds like something is blocking eM Client on your computer from receiving alot of the time or you may have inncorrect mail server acct settings.

So first to test, completely disable any optional firewall / security programs, optional antivirus programs and any optional vpns. Then see if you start receiving email from both accounts.

Failing that paste your Gmail and Bigpond mail server POP or IMAP settings in this thread (and hide any private / personal details) so we can check them.

Thanks Cyberzork, in advance I’ll warn you that I’m pretty hopeless.
First of all haven’t received an email in eM Client (emc) for 2 days vs 30 odd through my gmail account.
I turned off the attached anti virus mail in Kapersky for over an hour and no change

I noticed a Rules setting in which all accounts are blacklisted- not sure if that is the issue

Here are my POP and IMAP settings for gmail and emc
Sorry had to delete- looks like will have to do one at a time

Thanks again
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Both those Rules are normally “checked by default” in eM Client.

You can “Dbl-click” on the “Blacklist” line (in your screenshot above) which will open a window to see if any email address’s are blocked.

Yes need to see what POP & IMAP settings you have in eM Client accts config.

Thanks Cyberzork- you were right, there was nothing in the rules blacklist.
However I think I may have solved the problem- will give it a couple of days to be sure.

The box, Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server wasn’t ticked so if gmail grabbed the message 1st is was gone and unavailable for emc to pick up. If emc picked it up 1st then there was always a delay before it appeared on my gmail account. So far so good
Appreciate your help

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