Spam problem i EmClient

Har problem med spam. Använder MailWasher Pro som skall ta bort Spam före servern.
Trots detta så kommer det mängder av spam som landar i korgen olästa email. Har provat att använda svartlista epost och domän. Fungerar inte. Har även testat att lägga till regler för spam som heller inte fungerar. Någon som har en lösning?

What are you expecting, other than moving the email to JUNK, the results to be when you add an email address or domain to BLACKLIST?

The problem is that the spammer use new email names and different domains.
I have therefor used rules to block different words in emails.
But it doesen’t work

viernes 29 septiembre 2023 :: 1740hrs (UTC +0100)

Hey @Bengt_Viklund

I use a version of Mailwasher with great success, however, the efficiency of the App will depend upon the way you have the various elements set within Spam Tool Settings - you can use Blacklist, Friends List, and in particular Filters; to use Mailwasher to get best results you need to fine tune these.
You can contact Mailwasher support who will help you.
If you need help installing/setting up filters RegEx ask.


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Hi Skybat,
I have used all tools in Mailwasher but the spam I am talking about do not arrive in Mailwasher but they
passthrough the server and arrive in my inbox with the name “Not read email”

I have also talked to the support at EmClient and Mailwasher but I did not receive a solution that fix the problem forever.