SPAM handling for posts that rightly should end up into the Inbox

Why isn’t there a variant, when an email has ended up in Spam, similar to the one, when deleting a post and blocking everyone from that particular site, i.e. that the email sender is approved and that these emails, from now on, will end up in the inbox?

As it is now, is that an approved email sender always ends up in Spam! I do not want to make those contacts.

Go to Menu > Tools > Rules and check your Blacklist Rule, if it exists. Make sure that the sender is not in that list.

If they aren’t, then it is your server that is moving the message to spam, and you will have to change the configuration in the web interface for that account.

Of course I have already checked the blacklist and none of site names are there. It’s a bit curious, as sometimes, one email from a specific person ends up in the Spam and sometimes in the Inbox.

Wouldn’t it be much easier for all of us users, to make certain emails approved to get them directly to the Inbox

If these messages are not being moved to Junk by eM Client, then they are being moved by your email provider.

All eM Client does if provide a copy of what is on the server, so those messages are already in the Junk folder when they are downloaded. Better you take this up with your email provider.