Spam filtering #1 priority

The most pressing fault I find with eM client is the lack of robust spam filtering.  Yes, I could request help from my domain host but their experience in tightening the filter has been often caused problems for users.  I really don’t want to return to Outlook and I generally like eM Client.  However, the spam tool is cumbersome and trying to highlight 50 spams mails and bulk blocking of domains does not seem to do anything. 

I use both PC’s and a Mac here and spam blocking on the Mac works - click and icon and it 's gone.  It appears to apply heuristic filtering to keep the filter tight.  I had almost as good filtering with Outlook. 

I need nothing that’s new in version 7 except what is missing.


I don’t have a satisfactory answer, but a workable one. I have used Spamihilator since I began using eM Client. It generally functions well, although it’s far from proficient. I resent paying annually for anti-spam applications, as the technology doesn’t really change much and not much changes in the world of unwanted mail either. Spamihilator, which is free, is a considerable step up from the miserable tools built into eM Client. It can be finicky at times, and it’s poorly named, but it’s a value at the price.

I downloaded Spamhilator 64 bit but when the setup wizard opened eM Cleint was not listed as a supported program.  Was eM client previously known under another name?

I don’t remember the process of adding it (years ago now), but I did it manually. It wasn’t at all difficult, and works with eM Client pretty much flawlessly.