Spam emails still show up in inbox despite blacklisting

Suddenly I am receiving 20 to 40 “investment” emails per day. On my Samsung phone, sending the initial email to the spam folder stops further emails from that address from showing up in my inbox. Nothing I do seems to stop these spam emails from showing up in my eMC inbox. I have tried blacklisting the addresses and domains with no luck. Why is there not a simple spam folder that eMC would send emails that have been previously blacklisted or whatever. Perhaps I am not setting up the rules properly for blacklisting. Heck, I am 77 years old and have more important things to do than individually delete each and everyone of these spam emails. I have not downloaded any new apps or extensions prior to the onset of these spam emails over the past week.
Thank you

If you are accessing your email on more than one device, it is better to have the spam filtering done on your server. That way the messages will be pre-filtered before your phone or desktop application see them. Most email providers can do this using their webmail interface and that also helps their system learn what is unwanted.

If you mark the message as spam on your phone, that will not affect future messages in eM Client, as it doesn’t know what has been specified on the phone unless the phone gets to them first.

For blacklisting in eM Client, right-click on the unwanted message and choose Move to Junk > Move to Junk and Blacklist email. Any further messages received in eM Client from that sender will automatically go to the Junk folder. Be aware though that spammers seldom use the same address twice, so next time it may come from a different address and not be affected by the Blacklist Rule.