Sowing new mails immediate

Would be a nice feature if emclient would show new mails immediately. EmClient starts syncing the whole stuff (calendars, contacts and so on) and when this all is done after 20 seconds and sometimes more, then the new e-mails are listed. Showing new e-mails has to be the first and main thing…and after this emclient can sync the other stuff. (sorry to say that, but windows live mail on my laptop shows new mails withing half a second!)

hmm…maybe eM Client can use multiple threads to download e-mails, appointments and other things…

Although I’m normally busy with other things and not waiting on new e-mails to arrive, so I don’t mind if e-mails only show up after 20 seconds… :slight_smile:

Waiting for 20 seconds is indeed possible…but on the other hand is it a fact, that i want to read my e-mails after starting an e-mail client program. Other mentioned clients programs even can do so. Emclient is the best you can get around for shure, but this little feature would be the top!

Hi, eM Client start synchronizing exactly when it is fully initialized and connected to server.
With SSD and fast connection it is about 5 seconds like at my home office.

Unfortunately there is not much to be done about this as eM Client (and other software) can’t do anything before it is fully started up.