Source of Email Addresses When Composing a Message

I have specified the option, “Automatically complete email addresses when composing.” While I like the fact that eM Client can find an address for me after I type just a few characters, I would like it to obtain the addresses only from my Contacts and not also from recently received or sent email messages (which it seems to be doing). In at least a few cases some old obsolete email addresses which my contacts have replaced still show up in the list that eM displays, and I may not even remember which address is current and which is obsolete. Is there an option to restrict the source of addresses displayed to just Contacts?

eM Client does not look for addresses in recently received messages, but it does offer suggestions from recent recipients that are not in your contacts. You can clear or disable this feature in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Compose > Recipients History.

Gary, thanks again for your excellent advice. Exactly what I want!