Sorting of tasks

I would like better/more options for sorting tasks in eM Client other than ascending/descending for instance on “finished by”.

When I use “show in groups” all tasks without a date comes first and then the tasks in a ascending order based upon finished by date. I would like the option/default to be that those without a date come after those with a date.

When I group them the same occur using ascending order. When using descending order then the tasks with the highest date comes first and the tasks which are close to today end up in the middle of a long list. Not easy to comprehend.

If possible, I would also like to have the option to use “my order” for the tasks as I can today in the Google GUI. No matter the date or other properties, I can move the task up and down as I like and have this reflected also on my iPhone apps.


We do not plan to implement any other sorting methods, but I am having no trouble sorting “Tasks” without date to start or end no matter if in groups or not by sorting them using “Start” and “Due”.


There is no problem with sorting “Tasks” without date to start or end. The issue is the lack of other sorting methods.

Using groups I can have “no date”, “today” and “next week” showing in that order or I can reverse it. But it’s not possible to have “today”, “next week” and “no date” in that order. Nor is it possible to sort the dates within the “next week” group by date and not affect the other groups.

We do not plan to add any more methods at this moment.


Hi any updates on additional features related to sorting for the upcoming version 7? The existing options are quite limited and I feel greatly reduce the usability of the Tasks component of the application. Thank you

Also ability to manually order items within the list like google or Outlook, would be a great addition. I use a group by date option which is nice but if I have 20+ tasks for today, it is hard to plan the day with out option to manually arrange the tasks.

I agree.  Ability to sort tasks in my order is a MUST.  Right now its a show stopper for Using EM Client for tasks for me. 

+1 This is really a must.