Sorting mail-folder on account

It is possible to sort mail-folders by account. However, I cannot find the sorting logic. It does not seem to sort by account name, nor domain, email address or even order of creation of the account in eM Client.

Can you please tell me what the sorting logic is, so I can use it to sort in a predictable way?


Hi Jasmin, not sure what kind of sorting you have in mind at the moment, do you mean sorting of the accounts in the left sidebar?
The accounts are listed as they were added into the application, they also go hand in hand with the order that they are shown in the Accounts settings in Tools > Accounts.

You can also change the order in the account settings, using the arrows.

Hope this helps,

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your reply.

The sorting I mean, is the sorting of the email messages inside the folder. Within the list of message, I added the ‘Account’ column and sorted on that column. What I noticed is that the resulting order of accounts was none of the fore-mentioned methods.


Account Name        Domain   Email address  Create order  Sort order
1       D1 info     1             6
2       D1 sales     2             4
3       D1 support     7             8
4       D2 info     3             10
5       D2 sales    4             1
6       D2 support     8             5
7       D3 info     5             2
8       D3 sales    6             3
9       D3 support     9             7
10      D4 info     10            11
11      D4 sales    11            9
12      D4 support     12            12

In the above, I used the following terms:

Account       The order in which they are sorted inside the 'Tools' \ 'Accounts' screen
Create order  The order in which the account was added
Sort order    The order in which they are sorted inside an email folder

Oh, and I did manage to sort of ‘solve’ my problem.
What I did was, send an email to each of my accounts and retrieved them.
I then sorted (under ‘Tools’‘Accounts’) all accounts in the order they were shown in (Sort order).
Then I just altered all the accounts the match their name with the “appropriate” name for that spot.

Took me some time, but I got what I wanted.

I LOVE eM Client. :slight_smile:
(even with the things I may not understand)

Hi again Jasmin, can you please make a screenshot of the issue? And either post it here or send it to my email,

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

Well… Don’t get me wrong, but I can not. I (kind of) ‘solved’ my problem thru the steps I took in the last paragraph of my message. So I no longer have the problem and thus cannot make a screenshot of it. I suppose you may consider this a “closed case” now. Should the problem re-occur, I will send the screenshots.

Thanks for your time and effort :slight_smile:

Ok Jasmin, let us know, if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

Hi again.

Needed to add a few accounts (for separate domains) and still seem to have this thing I described before. I could follow the steps in my former mail (delete all accounts and re-enter them all), but needing to do that periodically becomes a bit tedious after the third time ;-). Hope this help make my question / problem a bit clearer.

Below is a screenshot, as the accounts are sorted in the ‘Tools’, ‘Accounts’ screen.

Every account has a naming “convention” (so to say), the name is sorting group (being S1, S2 or S3) then provider (being either GMail, Outlook or Safemail) then the sorting within the group (for the test 1 and 2) and (also, just for the test) the order in which the accounts were created.

So, e.g. “S1 GMail 2 (C5)” was the fifth account created, but I want it to be shown as second (first group, second account). For “S3 Safemail 1 (2)” was the second account to be created, but I want it shown as fifth (third group, first account).

Below screenshot shows 6 test message I send to these account. As can be seen, I have sorted the messages by “Account”. As you can see, the messages are shown in the order in which the related account was created, not the order in the ‘Tools’, ‘Accounts’ screen, nor alphabetical order of account name.

The “Send and Receive” option does show the accounts in the order in the ‘Tools’, ‘Accounts’ screen. I know this, as I swapped two of them around, and they took the order in the ‘Tools’, ‘Accounts’ screen.

Is it possible, when sorting by “Accounts”, to sort messages either in the order in the ‘Tools’, ‘Accounts’ screen or alphabetically? I understand it might be difficult to make this an option, but either one feels better then the current “order of creation” sorting.

The version I am using is:

Hope this clarifies my earlier messages regarding this.

Thanks for your answer and time spent on this query.
(Still LOVE eM Client!)

Hi Jasmin, unfortunately it’s not possible to sort the accounts alphabetically nor according to any other sorting criteria, the default sorting is by creation, newly created account is listed at the bottom unless you manually change it.


Ok, thanks for you answer. Is this likely to be changed in any future release?

We’ll consider improving this in future releases, thank you for the suggestion.