Sorting by "from" address negates date sorting

Seems like if I sort by any other column then the date sorting is always oldest at the top and newest at the bottom. Even if I configure the current view date setting when viewing grouped by from message listings nothing changes. This is one thing Outlook did right. A fix for multiple sorting/grouiping options would be nice.

Yes, we are aware of this. We will fix that to one of the next updates/versions.

yeah that is something i have been waiting for , something like the priority inbox feature in Google, to see the priority mails always on top in the inbox ? is it planned in the next build ?

We use flags for this. You can flag email by clicking at the little flag usually in the most right column of the message list. Email will be marked with red flag then and will be at the start of list.

i tried this option, they dont make it to the top of the list, is there a specific way to achieve this ?

I forget to mention that you need to sort the list by flags (clicking at flag column header) but it will sort emails by flag,date from the bottom though.

It doesn’t seem like this feature got worked into 4.0. Is there any more status on the likelyhood of it being incorporated?

I’m also disappointed to have the newest messages always on the bottom when sorting by anything but the date. This was first reported a year ago. Any idea when it will be fixed?

I would like to be able to sort by flag, and then by date.

But no matter what I do, if I sort by flag the newest messages end up at the bottom.

Seems like a simple fix. Some action please?

We will try to make it as soon as possible.

It still does not seem to have been resolved in the latest version

Hi, I am not seeing this behaviour in RC version, could you try to participatei n beta test or wait until full release?