Sort by tag order (ie list order vs alphabetical)

Trying to use tags to group things for handling. When I sort by tag it’s alphabetical such that “@gmail/-pending-” comes after “@gmail”. But there’s an order to the list of tags (as shown below) for convenience of quick choosing? It’d be nice if there was a tag sort of that order (ie importance) vs purely alphabetical.


You can change the order of the tag folders in the left side-bar by dragging them around to suit your needs.

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Yeah I have that… I was talking about the sort order in the right pane vs the left pane. Such that the grouped email headers would be in the same order you specify either in the tag list in the left pane or in the order from the “Tags” pop-up where you manage them. It has an up/down option to change the sort order/order of importance there, so you could just pull that order to handle the right email pane’s sort order too.

I’ll add my weight to this request…I presumed it was the case given the way you can manually drop tags in any order.

I’d also love it if the “Inbox” tag added by Gmail was considered a hidden tag so only displayed when the “Show hidden tags” option was enabled.