Something wrong pop3

hi all
about 2 hours ago gmail pop3 stopped accepting my username and password i dont know what happened ( username and password are correct ,im %100sure ). is there something wrong between emclient and gmail pop3/smtp services ?

You can no longer use POP3 with Gmail.

See: Google ‘less secure apps’ access and what it means for eM Client | eM Client

thank you for answer,
this morning i wanted to setup imap system but pop3 system working again . i dont know what happened but its working again

Is eM Client going to support Gmail POP3 in the future?

Is eM Client going to support Gmail POP3 in the future?

That would all depend on if Google changes their policy on POP type accounts (in the future) and can make them Secure access like IMAP with OAuth does now. It’s not likely they will.

Also Google take along time to make any changes, so that crystal ball stuff at this stage, being Google only just disabled POP with less secure in May.

Then even if Google does that, Google then have to provide an updated API to developers like eM Client to then update in new mail clients which also take years of testing to make sure it works.

I would suggest you ask Google forums if they plan to support that in the future to get any idea.

(Google community forum).

god damn google :slight_smile:
for me pop3 was much more better than imap. with pop3 there will be two copy of emails , one in my computer (in emclient) and other one in gmail . Now i have to very carefully when im doing something with emails . i can loose all of it :frowning:
Also i want to share one problem about emclient, there was another folders under the inbox folder (local folders) and i did copy/pasted to under gmail imap account inbox folder(i added gmail imap account beucase of pop3 not working) . Emclient pasted it but after pasted to another folder it deleted all emails from original folder (totaly gone)
Why emclient program always behave deleting ?


If you have lost an email in Gmail, go to “All Mail” which holds all the folder label emails and it will be there where you can then just drag it back out to whatever folder label or other acct folder you want.

It will still reside in All Mail unless you delete it which will then go to the Trash Gmail folder.

If you are worried about loosing Gmail IMAP mail, you can setup another Cloud place to sync it to in intervals during the day or nite etc.

One of the best sites that I and alot of home and business peeps I know is “Spinbackup”. It not not only backs up Gmail, but also Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google tasks, Google photos & Google docs etc. It’s a cloud to cloud backup.