Some suggestions.....

First of all, I would like to thank eM client for creating such a nice email client.
However, there does need to be some improvements specially with technology changing all the time.
I have got the latest skype 5.3 and this does not seem to be working at all neither does Yahoo IM…To be honest - None of the chat does - I have gone through google and there are just no answers…
Is there not a way that you can help the hotmail (POP3) users with the sub-folders? Surely this cant be that difficult since Window’s live mail has this feature… I bet you that you have lost some people to some of these problems.

There is so much competition out there but do you know what really set you apart from them? It was your chat feature…

BTW - You could be wondering why I am complaining since this is for free? Let me tell you something - I would even pay for it if it was working the correct way…
Why not even fix this up and charge $10/year or month…

Just my thoughts…


Skype cooperation with other programs changed in last Skype versions/updates so it doesn’t work currently. In version 3.1 which will be released soon it will be implemented other way and working correctly.

eM Client has built in Instant Messaging service which allows you to communicate with other users of Jabber Instant Messaging network as well as many other Jabber compatible networks such as Google Talk, ICQ, AIM etc. You can use others like Yahoo or Hotmail IM through sync2em account. Can’t your problems with IM be caused by configuration problem?

There is no way how to work with subfolders on Hotmail becaues eM Client works through POP3 and this protocol doesn’t support that. It works for Window’s live because Window’s live works with Hotmail through proprietary (not public) protocol.

I will describe process of activating Yahoo chat in the next post.


Milos Kovalcik.

How to set up other (Yahoo, Hotmail …) instant messaging:

  1. Create sync2em account on and create it in eM Client
  2. In main menu go to Instant Messaging->Service Discovery/Transport Registration
  3. Choose your sync2em account
  4. Click on service you want to register (for example Yahoo) and click Register
  5. Fill credentials for chosen service (your Yahoo login and password) and click OK
  6. Click Authorize All
  7. You can start using IM in chat section.

Hi Milo’s,

Thanks for your reply.

I followed your instructions on how to setup Yahoo - When i get to step 4 it does not give me the option to register.

I would also like to know if I am only able to use these Instant messaging if I have the sync2em account? (expires in 2 months)

Didn’t you forget to choose your sync2em account above the list of services? Could you send printscreen of the “Instant Messaging Service Discovery/Transport Registration” window with selected Yahoo service to

You can use this additional services with any Jabber server that supports transport to service you want to use.


Milos Kovalcik.