Some reminders will not go away

I currently have seven reminders that will not go away. They are for daily standups from an assortment of dates. 11-26, 11-27, 12-10, 12-14, 12-15, 12-16, 12-17. I am on version 6.0.23421.0.

I tried deleting two of the events (and they are gone from calendar), but I still receive the reminders. Snoozing and dismissing them does nothing as they come back immediately.

Any recommendations on getting rid of them?

Update, now up to 14 reminders that will not go away… :frowning:

Going to start looking into alternatives.

Hi, could you please tell me on which account/from which calendar are these reminders still active?


Hello, they are from google calendar, and only one gmail account.

Could you please go to Tools>Settings>Advanced and turn on GData logs for your account?
Restart eM Client after you do and then replicate the issue. Then go to the Advanced settings again and click ‘Send logs’.
Change the recipient of the message to me ( and add a link to this forum topic in the body of the message.


I’ve found that eM Client cannot dismiss reminders set for calendars that you don’t own. You can only dismiss them after the event is over. I just have to minimize the reminder and wait until it passes.


Please let me know if you did not receive my email. Additionally, when I came back to work today, there were a lot of notifications again. It seems if I close down the client, and re-open, most are hidden (except one), but after a day (or maybe when the next event occurs), they all come back again and with a new friend.


Unfortunately, these are all events that are well in the past. So there is nothing to wait for to be over.

Hi O,
I received your email, sorry for the lack of reply as I try to analyze the log files.