Some questions: constantly refreshing calendar panel, setting up rules

I’ve added some calendars, connected to ownCloud using CalDav protocol. I noticed that eMClient frequently refreshes the calendar panel and the agenda panel, too, w/o any changes to the calendar itself.
Can I somehow configure the refresh interval?

I’m currently testing eMClient as a replacement for Thunderbird. I can setup rules within eM. It seems that those rules are globally valid. In Thunderbird each rule is linked to an account.
I noticed that there is a scope in the rules dialog. I cannot change this however. It says “All Accounts” or “All local Accounts”. Can I somehow changes this, I mean tie a rule to a specific account?


Of course you can configure it - open the menu Tools - Settings - General and adjust the synchronization interval here. Hope it helps you.
As regards the rules - you can add a specific condition “processed with account”.

Thanks for this reply! This interval seems to control only the lookup for new e-mails, correct?
I was searching a similar setting for the synchronizing interval for CalDav calendars as eMClient seems to refresh very frequently although there is no change on local or remote calendars.

Your next answer regarding the e-mail rules fits perfectly - this was the rule I’ve searched for, thanks!

OTH, eMClient seems a perfect replacement for Thunderbird!


Just FYI, the synchronization interval works also for Calendar, Tasks and Contacts too.

perhaps this can help (about frequent refreshes)…