Some Questions about emclient

Hey Guys :slight_smile:

today i found emclient as a better alternative to Outlook.

We want to buy eM Client but got some questions.

Q1: Is it possible to change the Contact Mask when creating a new Contact?
We would need a Field with “Customer Number”

Q2: In our Company we got 7 People in the Office which get Daily new contacts. Is it possible to sync all Contact between different E-Mails ?

Q3: Is it possible to customize em Client to automatically put the todays Date before the Name when i export the Mail to the Windows Explorer Like 01.04.2022- Testmail.eml ?

Q4: Is there an eM Client App for Android/IOS?

Best Greetings to you :slight_smile:

And thanks for any answer

  1. No, it is not possible to change the default window that is displayed. You can however, click on the Mobile field name, and choose another telephone field when entering the data.

  2. Yes, as long as you all have the same account setup in eM Client, you will have the same contacts. You can also create a separate account just for contacts, and add that to all the user’s devices. Depending on your email server, you may also be able to do this with separate accounts, where you can delegate folders to other users and share contacts that way.

  3. If you export or save more than one message at a time, the file will be named with the format date - subject.eml

  4. Coming soon. This is still under development, so we do not yet have an ETA.