Some questions about emClient: Portability, TLS/SSL support, PGP/GnuPG support, current version

Before I start evaluating emClient I have some questions:

1.) Is emClient portable?
I want to run it from USB stick

2.) Does emClient support TLS/SSL and SSH communication with remote email servers?

3.) Does emClient support PGP/GnuPG encryption on the fly?

4.) Where can I read the current version on the homepage?

5.) Does emClient require some runtime DLLs or .NETs to be on a server?

6.) Is there a separate 64bit version?

Thank you
Peter Steiner

  1. Possible, not recommended though. EM Client isn’t designed for portable environment. Particularly with it database design.

  2. Yes

  3. Don’t use it myself. But I don’t think so.

  1. Current official version is 3.5, exact version number is not listed on the webpage.

  2. EM Client requires .NET2 framework on your workstation to run. It not server side.

  3. No

3: PGP is officially not supported due to policy. I contest this, though.