Some of my emails stopped working

Hi everyone, up until now everything has been working fine for me. But, about 3 days ago half of my e-mail addresses stopped receiving mail. At the same time on other devices with other programs everything worked and continues to receive and send mail correctly. Next to the address there is an exclamation mark in a red triangle. When I go to the account settings and run diagnostics, I SMTP green shows OK, and IMAP reports that the server is not responding.

If you haven’t changed any eM Client IMAP settings and your other mail clients are receiving ok, then could be some local resident program has maybe updated and interfering with eM Client.

So if you have any eg: Optional Firewall Security programs or Optional Antivirus programs or VPNs other than what came with your OS, try completely disabling those to test.

If that makes no difference or you have no optional programs like the above installed, then we would need to know what your IMAP server settings are and who your mailbox providor is

Also click the dropdown arrow on the right of Refresh at the top left and click Show Operations and jot down any obvious IMAP errors “from the Log tab” in this thread. Blank out anything personal.