some new emails marked as read

Some new emails are coming in as read and so I don’t notice them.
Any ideas its driving me nuts

Hi Alan,

perhaps you already took a look at those messages on your Tablet/Smartphone/via WebMail?

If its an IMAP-Account, the read/unread - Status is synced to other Clients… I guess.


Thanks Fritz
Yes it is IMAP and that is what it looks like, but its only synced to this one pc with em client  and I have not been on the webmail account.
I’ll try and monitor both areas and see what gets marked as read first, might give some clues.Thanks Alan

This could be the known and as yet unresolved problem with new mails coming in conversations that are active on the screen. New mails arrive and there is no notice, they just get added to the conversation because it is already in view. This is really a nuisance and I tend to loose important messages, too, not finding them in time.

Also check this:…

We have just started having this same issue on one of our laptops but not the other, with incoming emails showing as read, when they have not been viewed on any other device. I have followed all the other suggestions that I have read here by other posters, such as unticking “mark messages read after 0 seconds” and “mark messages read after opening in new window”. 
 It seems to have started when we changed the account on my wife’s laptop with her own email from a POP3 to IMAP, but again only on one laptop, not the other (which is mine with a different email).
I have also upgraded her version to the latest (7.0.27744.0), but this has not fixed the issue. I have checked out the webmail, but can find no preferences there which might affect it.
This is driving me crazy, as I can’t seem to find any reason for it. Can some body please help me.

Hello Alan,
is your mail account set up as POP on any other device?