some more GUI-suggestions

Hi all!

just minor problems, I think…

  • there is no “mouse-over”-effect when mouse-pointer hovers over items like Messages (list-View), Mail-Folders or Contacts etc…

  • The Font-Menu is hidden in the “A”-Menu :frowning:

  • Idea: How about showing the total amount of data of all attachments in a message in Mail-editing-View?

  • Glitch: when resizing the Panels (?) (Folder-list, Mail-list, Message-Contents…) the screen becomes distorted until the mouse-button is released…

  • Glitch in german Version: “Kontak zu Ordner hinzufügen” -> “Kontak t…”

  • Search is not “live” = Screen not updating while typing in search-box
    (perhaps make it optional for those who do not like that “live-update”…?)

  • in Mail-editor: it seems to be impossible to edit a manually typed eMail-address.
    As soon as I press “Enter” the Address becomes shown in a box with an “X”
    But in case of a typo I have to delete the whole address and retype it since there is no option to edit it…(?)

  • Migration from 6 to 7 worked fine with one issue:
    2 (of 5) Mail-Rules lost their Target-Folder-Info (" if xx then move Message to Folder …"). 

kind regards

Hi Fritz,

especially the rules migration issue severely hit me, too: about 80 of my 100 rules did loose their target folders and account names, currently unresolved and I guess amongst the other issues v7 currently has, one of their minor problems to deal with. No way upgrading to v7 right now.

Pls see:


About: correcting the mail adress - there are workarounds hidden in the right-click menu. "Copy address " lets you copy the address and paste it editable. Of course it would be more straightforward to have a simple “edit” in that menu :wink: