Some mails never come in the box "inbox" and appear only in "all mails"

The majority of my messages arrive in my “inbox” box, but some do not go through and go into the “all inboxes” category. So I miss many mails if I do not think to check in that.

Second problem: I use two email addresses on my account. When I move an email that arrives at my first address to move it to a category linked to my second address, it disappears. I sometimes find it in the category “all mails” linked to the address in which I moved it, sometimes it simply disappears.

Has anyone the same problem and was able to solve it?

Thanks !

I Have the same problem
most of the mail are from gmail

I have the same issue with facebook mail. I created a rule to COPY  not move to “in Box”  and it seems to work for me.

I dont use categories I use folders instead and have no issues there