Some mail tags not correct color

I did a search and couldn’t find this anywhere, so let’s see if anyone else is experiencing this…

I have only one account in EMClient, a GMail one. I have many labels in GMail, color coded, of course. I have created the Tags in EMClient with the colors most closely resembling the GMail ones. All is good in the world. EXCEPT… I had 4 tags out of 23 that just will not display with the color set for them. I have confirmed that there are not other GMail labels assigned to these emails (and those that do, default to their appropriate color for that tag, as expected).

  • One of them will not change to any other color other than the salmon-pink it seems to be randomly assigned.

  • One of them can be changed to other colors, but not yellow (or any adjusted variation of yellow).

  • One of them I was able to change to another color and then back to a color at least similar if not exact of it’s originally chosen color.

  • And one of them I can change to some colors but not others, with no seeming pattern I can see.

Any thoughts?

Which eM Client version are you using? I want to try this behavior out.

eM Client Support

I am using version 8.1.1087. Thanks!

OK, I figured out the issue with the first one. The GMail label had a space at the end and my Tag name did not. But I still can’t get one Tag to show yellow and one of them to be most colors. Odd.

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