Some issues with the latest version (7.2.33988.0)

Hi all,

I fint having 1 major issue and 1 medium issue regarding the new version : 
Major issue : wrong count of unRead mails :

  • Here is my “Unread mails count” on Gmail (8): 

  • Here is my “Unread Mails Count” on EM Client (4):

Even thought there is 5 unread mails in the Inbox displayed on the Scrintshot, it displays 4 (and there is effectively 8 unread mails, as Google state it).

This is a major Issue in my opinion.

Medium Issue :
I find it impossible to “pin” or “freeze” a folder in the left menu, while it was possible in the previous versions

Any people finding these issues as well? Does EM Client will fix that?
Hope so, otherwise I’ll need to find another Client as Unread mails are critical on my side (I use them as “TO DO Counter”).

Thanks for your insights.


If you disable conversations (Menu > View > Conversations) is the unread count correct?

Not sure what you mean by pin or freeze Julien. Could you describe the issue a bit more?

Hi Gary,

Thanks for taking the time to answer. The Conversations were already disabled : 

By Pin or Freeze, I meant that when I scroll down my left sidebar, the Pined or Freezed section stays on top, meaning that even if I scroll all the way down to the bottom, my favourite folders stay accessible without me having to scroll all the way up.

Or am I missing something?

Kind regards,

Are the missing unread messages in eM Client and marked as read, or do they only appear in GMail? If they are not appearing in eM Client, you can right-click on the All Mail folder and choose Properties > Repair. See if that changes anything.

OK, understand now what you mean. eM Client does not have the option to mark folders as favorites, but if you are referring to the Smart Folders, you cannot pin them in place.

The unread messages do appear in Em Client as well as in GMail, only the Counter is bugged. I’ve clicked on my account and asking to “repair”, but not working. Again here the issue : 

I was indeed referring to Smart Folders. I thought it was the case in the older version, as I don’t remember having to scroll back up to go back into the the “All Inboxes” or “Sent” folders. But if you say so :wink:

Thanks for helping

Sorry I can’t be of further help Julien. There are always some issues with GMail, but I am not a GMail user, so have very little experience with that provider.

The Repair should be done on the All Mail folder.

Hi Gary,

Thanks a million, the Repair on “All Mails” seems to work. I now have the correct counter!!!

Great support here!