Some images fail to display

I am running eMclient in parallel with Thunderbird to evaluate whether to make the switch. eMclient works well except for one problem. The marketing messages that I get from the Google Play Store fail to display. I get a background image of a flat color but the images that are supposed to be on top fail to display (or are hidden behind??). If I click on the image, the embedded hyperlink sends me to the page.  These emails display correctly in Thunderbird. While I don’t particularly care about these messages, there is always the possibility that something I want to see will not display.

Hi Tom, unfortunately this is not an issue of eM Client but an issue of the Google Play newsletter, this has been reported several times, but the issue is only with these emails from Google Play.
Unfortunately there’s not much we could do about the issue.

Thank you for understanding,

Are you saying that this is a problem with Internet Explorer? The email displays correctly in Thunderbird which uses the Firefox engine.

I’m not going to buy eM Client unless I am sure that it will display all other emails correctly.

Besides that, I also worry about the never-ending string of security holes that keep popping up in IE. Perhaps you should consider making it optional to use the Firefox engine (if installed) to display html.

Hi Tom,
the Google Play message are incorrectly formatted, the issue is only with these emails, we’re not considering enabling to use firefox engine, but we’re currently working on a version using webkit instead of the IE’s core, so in the future, you won’t have to worry about the never-ending security holes in IE, also Internet’s Explorer security holes do not affect eM Client. At least never did in the past.

Thank you,