Some ideas for version 6 from an intensive eM user

Some ideas that seems useful to me to implement in upcoming version 6 of eM Client:

  • enable selecting folders to be subscribed to when connecting via IMAP,
  • automatically mark message as read when replying to it,
  • provide an option to remove vertical lines in quoted messages when replying (it is possible when forwarding only now),
  • separate option to view CC and BCC fields when composing - I’m using only CC in 99% of my messages and I’d bet that most users do the same,
  • provide an option to remove contact picture from message preview window,
  • stop treating messages as invitations when creating a meeting from a message (or make it an option) - that’s not preferable default action,
  • provide alternate row colors (or at least lines) in messages list,
  • provide additional confirmation when “hard deleting” a message (now it’s integrated with “normal” deletion and can be only enabled or disabled as a whole).

Some of them were already mentioned (e.g. IMAP folder subscription), but I wanted to make it a full list.

My big praise goes to IMAP support capability which works perfectly. That was THE feature that made me use eM Client for everyday use while I used to rely on Outlook. Yet, IMAP support degrades in every next Outlook version despite MS claims to “improve” it…


  • IMAP folders subscription will be added in 6th version

  • This should work now in this version, so it is bugged or we have messed up plans and it will be in 6th version, but this is not rejected at all.

  • will be in 6th version

  • cc and bcc rows are separated, if you mean show only CC then it is not planned

  • not planned

  • right click - make task from mail does not add any other person automatically than you into attendees, and you as user has to be there.

  • already implemented

  • I am not sure what you mean by Hard deleting, but all confirmations can be set in Tools - settings - General - Confirmations

And thank you for your positive feedback :slight_smile:

with best regards


Of the items in the list above, the comment about the pictures in message review has reminded me of a similar “feature” I find a challenge in the current version.

When you move your mouse over a name or email address in the From or CC fields of an email, the pop up comes up with contact details and some options re editing or adding. I like this, BUT if you move the mouse too slowly or slightly off centre, the popup disappears before you can get into it and choose your option and you have to try again - perhaps it’s a bit too sensitive or there’s a gap between the highlighted email address and the edge of the preview pane. Can you say if this is addressed?

I’m looking forward to the next version. Thanks for your hard work.


I am not getting your issue in both 5th and 6th version, I understand your steps but no matter if I move fast or slow (from name or address to popup window) it does not disappear, can you double check that you are not moving from area of name/email completely?


Hi, Jan,

I’ve just made a little video of it - I can send it to you to show the problem (1.2 MB)


you can send me it to [email protected] together with this topic’s URL in subject.


To all users:

issue with mouse move from email to info field is not presented in 6th version, for all who experience this please wait until release of 6th version :slight_smile:


Is it possible to add week numbers in week view? Now I can only see it in month view. Version 6 will be even more attractive!


Thanks for looking into my question. Nice to hear ver 6 won’t suffer from this (admittedly minor) problem. .



you’re welcome :slight_smile:


About “hard deletion” - I mean using Shift+Del and skipping Recycle Bin. There’s an option to confirm message deletion but there’s no difference between “soft” deleting (to Recycle Bin) and “hard” deleting.

For me it would be handy to have it, but I believe it’s rather a nice-to-have than a must-have. :slight_smile: