Some Google contacts not showingup

Using ver. 7.2.37929.0 on win10 system.  I have my eM Client synching with my Google account.  While there’s no problem synching with Gmail or Google Calendar, there is a problem with the Google Contacts: some of them are not synching.  They appear on the website but not in eM Client.  I have verified that this is not an issue with contact categories.  Also, if I create an eM Client email to one of those contacts, the address name & email address appear in eM Client’s drop down list: they just don’t show up in eM Client’s list of Contacts.

Go to your Contacts section in eM Client. Make sure nothing is ticked except the top level folder as in this example:

Are the missing contacts visible in the right-hand preview pane?

Your suggestion did not do anything: the missing contacts are still missing.  The right-hand preview pane only shows the emails to/from the selected contact, not (as you imply) a list of contacts.

Go to the Contacts section by clicking on the Contacts tab.

 The right hand section of the application should be a list of contacts.

Oops, sorry.  Yes, the contacts are showing up in the “right” panel. (I thought you meant the sidebar panel on the far right edge). But even with checking the Gmail/Contacts, the missing contacts are still missing from eM Client

Press Ctrl + B.

Find a contact that is missing.

Double click on it.

See which folder it is in.

Local Folders/

Well, Local Folders are not synced from Google.

Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General and tick Show Local Folders.

Then make sure you have also ticked the Local Folders folder you indicated above.