Some Google Calendar beefs...

I make extensive use of coloring of the various events, appointments, etc in my Google Calendar, yet eM Client doesn’t colorize the different items in my synced calendar. All of the events, appts, etc are in my eM Client calendar, but there is no colorization of them, per how they are colored in my online Google Calendar.

When I mouse over some of the items in my calendar the floating details overlay is placed directly over the event, making it difficult to click on it to edit it. I can’t discern any pattern to what events this happens to and which ones it doesn’t happen to.

I am using version 6.0.20498.0.

Hi Mark, I’m not completely sure if I understand the overlaying issue, can you make a screenshot of the issue? Unfortunately color codes (categories) in eM Client are only stored locally, so the color codes won’t be synchronized with gmail and I believe the same thing goes other way around. You can use multiple calendars instead of categories to see different color codes.

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Hi, Paul

Thanks for the quick reply.

Here’s a sample of my Google calendar:

And the synced eM Client calendar of the same days:

In the Google calendar you’ll notice some “bill due” items. When they’re paid, I mark them green. I also color events that span multiple days differently depending on if it’s a vacation-related, work-related, etc. The coloring is an easy way to quickly identify the status of the many items in my calendar. The Google coloring scheme makes it much easier to discern the different types of events in my calendar. In eM Client’s calendar, they are all colored the same, obviously. That’s what I’m referring to. You pointed out that I could create multiple calendars for different types of events, but I don’t believe that would be practical or even feasible - I could categorize different events in about maybe 6 or 7 different colors, so I’d have to create 6 or 7 different calendars!

Another item just came to mind when comparing the two: in Google only items/events that span an entire day have a colored bar. The rest, which start/stop at certain times just have the start time, a colored box for the category and the event title. This is another way to quickly determine what type of event it is.

Thanks for your attention to this!


Hi again Mark, as I previously mentioned you can use the color codes in eM Client as well (categories), just create your categories for the Calendar in Tools > Categories, and if you want to change the color code of the event, right click the event and select Categorize > Your category.
We’re currently not considering making a change to how the events are displayed in the month view (boxed for all day-multi day events only).

However as I mentioned previously the categories are only stored locally and will not be synchronized with other devices as it is not supported.
Maybe in future releases.

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Okay, I misunderstood part of that, then. Thanks for the clarification.

Consider this a request for adding synchronization of Google event colors in the future, then! :slight_smile:

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Hi Mark, ok thank you for the suggestion, I’ll change this to an idea topic, so other users can vote on the feature, and we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases.

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Hi Paul ; yes, please do also consider this a request to have the colors assigned to a Google Calender event display identically on the emClient calendar.

I’d like to submit an update and better comparison of eM Client’s calendar “synced” with my Google Calendar.

Here is a screenshot of part of my Google calendar:

And here is that same block of days in a “synced” eM Client calendar:

Quite the difference! 

Each entry in eM Client takes up a whole line in its respective day, which quickly causes a LOT of clutter. I do use different colors in Google for different entries. For instance, you’ll notice I have all of my bill due dates. When one is paid, I change the event to green - that color change wouldn’t sync. Plus, note that on the 8th in my Google calendar I have 3 reminders. It’d be nice if those synced as well.

What’s more, this is in version 7.x! So all of you still on version 6, don’t expect a big change in the calendar if/when you upgrade…

I would use the eM Client calendar a lot more if it synced more accurately with my Google calendar, but as it is, I only use it to quickly check a date for something. I do all of my calendar-based time and task management strictly in Google Calendar.

Pretty pointless having Google Calendar sync if you don’t include Google Calendar colours! This thread was started 3 years ago. I’ve only just started trialling eM Client and I spotted this in the first day.

Yeah - I still use emClient as it’s the best solution for me to manage multiple email accounts, but I’m really disappointed that they haven’t beefed up the calendar capabilities yet!

I’m considering revisiting Thunderbird - haven’t tried that for about 5 years now.